December 30th, 2018

Tea Testimony: Coffee Addict to Tea Enthusiast

Writer: Kristen Carusos

I'm either drinking tea or on the way to steep tea



Throughout my teenage years, energy drinks became one of most popular beverages in the United States. When I needed energy to work my part-time job or study for a test, I would chug a red bull and get to work. As it turns out, energy drinks are terrible for you. It wasn’t until I studied abroad in Beijing that I began to drink coffee. I started as many coffee drinkers do with lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos. They helped me study all the Chinese tones, grammar structures, and new words. I later moved on to solely drinking black coffee.

I needed to have a coffee every day to start my day. Sometimes I could not start my day without a cup of coffee. I would be dragging along in the afternoon after lunch until I had my afternoon cup of coffee. I drank tea from time to time but it was not my main source of caffeine and energy.


When I started at PAPP’S TEA, I naturally began to drink more tea. I quickly realized the joy every morning of making and trying different teas with different herbs and spices. It was a very calming experience measuring out 4 grams of different ingredients and then steeping the tea. Whether I was drinking a mate tea with hibiscus and blueberries or our earthy flavorful Rooibos, it was a really great complement to the work day. Sometimes my tea experiments tasted a little weird but I figured out what flavors and teas worked together the best. Slowly but surely, I drank less and less coffee. After a few weeks, I started to notice the difference. The caffeine high lasted throughout the day and there was much less of a crash. I lost a kilogram. I didn’t necessarily need to have a cup of tea right when I got to work. I was not as tired in the afternoons and I felt pretty energized throughout the day. It was not as rough on my stomach as coffee was. When I did drink coffee, I get a huge buzz off of it then crash. I never got jittery with tea or had the feeling I had drunk too much tea.


I was never a huge tea drinker because I never found tea that I really loved. After working at PAPP’S TEA, I became a huge tea enthusiast. I could choose whichever tea suited my mood, energy level, and the time of day. The great thing about tea is that you can drink many cups throughout the day with or without caffeine and it has so many different health benefits. Cut out the coffee beans and let tea leaves make a noticeable difference in many different aspects of your life.


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