July 9th, 2018

A light meal needs healthy drinks menu

Since 2016, the market of beverage has been through lots of changes and revolutions. Younger generations start to pursue healthy lifestyle. Functional and organic beverages emerge and gradually replace tradtional carbonated ones.

According to the reasearch of Mintel, market share of three giants among non-alcoholic beverage (carbonated beverage, juice, milk) is shrinking rapidly, however share of functional beverage and coffee is increasing at a rate of 8.7%. More than 1/3 young consumers would like to spend more fortune on healthier tea-based drink or coffee.

Young generations seem to care more about creativity and funtion of products.

CloudFB believes that menu's creativity and freshness is key to restaurants or drinks bars, moreover a pretty and healthy drinks is always easy to catch eyes. 

PAPP'S TEA, a young and fashionable tea brand that was born in Beijing but with a scope of worldwide superior raw tea materials. It reacts quickly to the market and starts to reinvent the image of tea drinking and innovates more possibilities into lifestyle.

Photo: PAPP'S TEA SHOW ROOM at Topwin, Beijing


KOMBUCHA Meets Health

PAPP'S TEA has rich professional knowledge of tea making. Therefore it could produce the most delicious KOMBUCHA by selecting superior tea materials under high standards.

KOMBUCHA is a kind of tea-based beverage that is fermented from SCOBY. It contains abundant EGCg and organic acid that are powerful antioxidant and expellent. Besides, it boosts your metabolism and immune system.

KOMBUCHA is "hot" on Instagram and the favorite of GymRat and fashion bloggers.


A Distinguished Gathering

PAPP'S TEA has also develped wide range of teas from all over the world: Moonlight white tea, Maofeng green tea, Phoenix oolong tea, India Darjeeling black tea, Nepal black tea, Brazil Mate and South Africa Rooibos.

Besides, PAPP'S TEA blends different teas for various function. With a South African Rooibos base, "Chill-Out Tea" contains absolutely no caffeine and is therefore perfect for relaxing. Combined with chamomile, rose to relax the nerves, stevia for sweetness, and a sprinkling of cinnamon, one cup of this tea will free all one’s anxieties and heighten the mood. With a sweet aroma and a soft taste, this is a tea for anyone and everyone.

CloudFB chose iF Juice for healthy menu. Starting from Beijing, iF Juice insists to use the best fruits and vegetables as raw materials, control the whole production process to create the most natural and healthiest fresh juice.

Based on this concept, iF Juice has launched several lines such as smoothies, pure vegetable juice, pure fruit juice, and juice beverage etc.

Shots (cold-pressed, NFC)

Smoothies (NFC, FC)

Vegetable juices (cold-pressed, NFC)

Beverage with a spotlight can catch customers' eyes easily for restaurants, while everyone is pursuing healthy lifetyle, these drinks are worthy to be added on your menu.